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Type: School lab
From: Fall 2007

This is a lab result in the course Game design and programming at Campus Valla, Linköping University.

The goal of this lab was to modify a very simple implementation of breakout written i python using PyGame. We were supposed to make a game that was - among a few other specifications - fun to play, quick and simple to understand. This is a game that has been made in so many variations that it's close to impossible to come up with something that hasn't already been done. Me and Joel decided to make a game of herding. We spawned a herd of white (-ish) sheep across the screen. We then added a black sheep that is the equivalent to the ball of breakout. The black sheep is evil and wants to kill the other sheep, who are naturally afraid of it. They stick together in a herd as best they can, but flee if the black sheep gets close.

Somewhere on the playing field there is a pit of much doom and horrible bloody death, into which it is the objective of the player to push the white (-ish) sheep.

It's kind of a fun game, but the sheep are kind of stupid. The game will be available for download as soon as it has been presented for lab examination. In the meantime, check out the screen shot below!